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Plaza Hollywood is a well-established retail destination and lifestyle hub serving the burgeoning middle class in Kowloon East.

Situated atop the Diamond Hill MTR station, an integrated public transport hub, its geographical advantage was further strengthened with the partial opening of the MTR’s Tuen Ma Line in early 2020.

Plaza Hollywood is also located at the entrance to the Tate's Cairn tunnel, a vehicular artery linking Kowloon East with the New Territories and beyond to Shenzhen, and directly linked to the Diamond Hill bus terminus. Free shuttle service, ambassadors and incentive programmes are offered in collaboration with Kai Tak Cruise Terminal to further attract visitors and boost spending.

The favourable location alongside various adjacent cultural landmarks and tourist attractions including Tang Dynasty-styled Chi Lin Nunnery and the renowned Wong Tai Sin Temple differentiate Plaza Hollywood from other malls in the region.

Plaza Hollywood is purposely-designed without towers above it to maximize planning flexibility. The 10,000-square-foot event space with a ceiling height of nearly 80 feet is among the largest retail mall atriums in Hong Kong. It has a highly efficient layout (65% of GFA is lettable), and a valuable critical mass for shoppers and retailers, with its about 259 retail outlets, about 25 restaurants, and a purposely-built stadium housing six-screen cinema multiplex with 1,614 seats that tops the box office chart in Kowloon East.


Total GFA

562,000 sq ft

Retail Occupancy (2020)

95 %


1600+ seats