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Art Competition

The Group has been a keen supporter of art and culture. With a mission of "Building for Tomorrow", Wharf strives to provide appropriate resources and opportunities to groom our next generation. The Group has introduced "The Wharf Hong Kong Secondary School Art Competition" ("Competition") since 2011 to boost young people's creativity and foster their interests in arts and culture, with an ultimate goal of promoting art development in Hong Kong.

The Competition receives an overwhelming response of entries, with various concepts and exceptional quality demonstrated. About 1,500 entries covering diversified themes and various art forms are received from around 250 secondary schools across 18 districts in Hong Kong annually.

The 2021/22 edition of the Competition is supported by Hong Kong Design Centre (“HKDC”) to provide students with the opportunity to reimagine and design for future city spaces, everyone can be a city dreamer to co-shape the future city spaces for Hong Kong. All entrants will also compete for a special award based on the theme “Space ⮂ Place”, in addition to the regular competition awards.

Apart from entries of Painting, this year's Competition will also accept entries of Digital Graphics to offer students the chance to create by using different mediums. The panel of adjudicators comprises eight renowned art professionals in Hong Kong. Winning entries will be selected according to their originality, creativity, skill and artistic merit. Adherence to the theme “Space ⮂ Place” will be a bonus.

Apart from receiving cash prizes and book vouchers, winning entrants will have a chance to join an arts and cultural exchange tour and an exclusive art activity organised by HKDC.

Those eligible may apply for “The Wharf Art Scholarship” to pursue further studies in art‐related bachelor programmes in local and overseas universities of their choice. To date, 18 students have been awarded a scholarship, among them 10 graduated.