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Our Community

We believe helping the community grow is as important as the success of our business and it is a priority for Wharf REIC to contribute meaningfully to the Community. With Project WeCanThe Wharf Art Scholarship Scheme and Architectural Design Internship Programme to nurture the youth and promote art and culture, Wharf REIC also takes an active role to support many other members in the community through volunteering work, donation and sponsorship to create shared value.

Volunteers Team

Wharf REIC encourages the staff to support the community by joining volunteering service. To promote volunteerism, our business units formed volunteer teams. In 2011, Wharf Estates has established its corporate volunteer team, providing with our staff an additional channel to join volunteering work. Over 500 staff has already joined the corporate volunteer team since its establishment. Up-to-date, the team has accumulated contribution of over 32,000 service hours. In the recent years, the scope of our voluntary services has also expanded to environmental conservation, and raising awareness on human rights and animal welfare. And we have been serving our community via various volunteering activities, ranging from tree planting, surplus bread collection, shorelines cleanup, to senior, disability and abandoned animals’ services, etc.