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Our Environment

With the extensive reach of our business, we are devoted to making a positive impact in the face of climate change. We build our climate resilience through formulating climate change policy, relevant strategy and precautionary measures. Across our business units, we act responsibly by reducing and managing waste and carbon emissions from our operations.

Strengthening our resilience and using sustainable resources are intertwined with our business, therefore, we go beyond compliance with legislation and adopt international standards in managing the use of water, energy, as well as protecting the environment.

Environmental initiatives are well in place in our business units that are commensurate with their scale and operations. For instance, conducting retro-commissioning works of chillers, upgrading the lighting system, changing conventional water taps to automatic sensor faucets, organising waste recycling and collection programmes, and raising awareness and fostering behavioural change among employees, tenants and consumers.

To gradually decarbonise our business, the Group acknowledges the significance of using renewable energy sources wherever possible. The solar photovoltaic panel system on rooftop of Gateway I and II of Harbour City enables us to participate in the Feed-in-Tariff (“FiT”) Scheme by CLP. We also invest our efforts to promote responsible environmental behaviour. We provide employees with guidance for green procurement. Guidelines and tips are also provided to our tenants to encourage environmentally friendly practice during renovation or fit out work.

We actively participate in various environmental protection schemes such as Tree Conservation Scheme, Sustainable Consumption Scheme and Green Office Labelling Scheme, etc.

Our Business Units were awarded different recognitions under the Environmental Excellence Scheme, including Energywi$e Label, IAQwi$e Label, Wastewi$e Label and the Carbon "Less" Certificate. Harbour City also won the “Hanson I&T Outstanding Award” and “Hanson I&T Merit Award” at Environment Bureau’s Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2018.

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