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Our People

Employees are the most valuable asset for the Group. Wharf REIC aims to remain an employer of choice by building up and nurturing a pipeline of talents, recognising the concerted effort and contribution of employees, and promoting a safe, inclusive and friendly workplace. “Care for Staff” is an integral part of its corporate culture. By committed to capturing, nurturing and recognising talents and enhancing employees’ wellness, it aims to offer employees a caring and an attractive place to work.

Training and Development

To enhance the competence of our talents, we offer diversified training and development programmes covering a wide spectrum of topics to meet business needs and unleash the potentials of our employees. Wharf Estates’ Managerial Essence Series offers a wide array of management training to our senior executives and managers to enhance their leadership abilities, while Supervisory Excellence Series aims to uplifting the management capabilities of the frontline supervisors. Furthermore, the Wharf Institute of Service Excellence (“WISE”) provides service training to our frontline staff at shopping malls, including image and grooming, service skills, complaint handling, and telephone manner.

Staff Engagement and Well-being

We value employees' feedback and suggestions regarding our business operations and other specific issues. Engagement channels such as staff newsletters, staff surveys, town hall meetings and the Intranet platform are used to communicate with our employees across the business units. The Management reviews and provides solutions to address concerns. At the group level, the Wharf Staff Recreation Committee regularly organises recreational activities to foster the holistic well-being of our employees. We strive to provide a quality work environment and devote resources in promoting the wellness and total well-being of our staff members as well as extending our care to their families. In Wharf Estates, Thematic Employee Well-being Programmes are developed yearly covering a wide spectrum of topics including physical health, emotion fitness, interpersonal relationship, lifestyle and taste, etc. to uplift the wellness of our staff members in a holistic approach. We also committed to occupational safety and recognise that excellence in health contributes to sustainable people and business development. As part of the employee wellness measures, we provide a positive breastfeeding environment for employees so that breastfeeding is compatible with work.

Please click HERE for our Human Rights Policy.

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